Prevent Fraud and Protect Your Customers with Bureau Device Intelligence + Behavioural Biometrics

The Power of Unique User Behaviour

Bureau Behavioral Biometrics utilizes ML to analyze user-device interactions, including keystroke movements, touchscreen behavior, and device movement.

This seamless user authentication technique avoids any disruption to the user experience

Stop Fraud in its Tracks

AI-powered Device Intelligence creates a unique fingerprint, linking user identity with their device.

By analyzing software and hardware signals, it accurately distinguishes between trustworthy and suspicious activity

Harness the Dual Power

Bureau Device Intelligence + Behavioral Biometrics provides frictionless user authentication while eliminating fraud risks across various attack techniques.

This powerful combination ensures a foolproof approach to user security

Frictionless Customer Experience

Bureau SDKs for Behavioral Biometrics and Device Intelligence effectively detect and prevent fraud, ensuring a seamless user experience.

This targeted de-risking approach helps businesses build and maintain trust and security with their customers

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