How Native Tongue Increased Conversions and Reduced Checkout Time

How Native Tongue Increased Conversions and Reduced Checkout Time

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Parth Shrivastava
Parth Shrivastava

January 18, 2022

Learn how Native Tongue increased GMV by 21% and reduced checkout time by a whopping 70% with Blaze.

About Native Tongue

Native Tongue specializes in jams, butter, spreads, and sauces. The founders, Ruchira and Rohan, are churning out spreads using classic production techniques that retain quality and taste, then shipping the delectable fusion of modern spreads and lesser-known indigenous produce all over India and abroad.

Although, the specialty food bracket comes with its own challenges. First, it is a highly competitive space with margins running really thin. It is difficult to scale the specialty foods brand since the consumption and movement are also slow. Lastly, shipping becomes a headache with the high risk of damaged delivery with glassware-based packaging. With low conversion rates and Return to Origin (RTO), these challenges impede growth for F&B D2C brands such as Native Tongue.


Spiraling conversion rates at the entire E-Commerce funnel

Traditionally lengthy account creation and checkout processes cause users to drop off at every stage of the buying funnel. This drives up Native Tongue’s acquisition costs.  

GMV loss due to unoptimized checkout

A massive chunk of users abandon checkout due to lengthy checkout forms and payment failures. Every extra form field and unoptimized checkout option eventually results in GMV loss.


Native Tongue used an amalgamation of fast checkout and actionable RTO intelligence to accelerate conversions and maximize GMV realization.

More conversion with Blaze checkout

Native Tongue users Blazed through the buying funnel with superfast login, account creation, and checkout. 


Improve users experience by ensuring fewer drop-offs

Every extra step in the buying process sieves users. Blaze checkout ensures users get a more direct and faster experience, thus reducing drop-offs. 

Reduce abandoned checkout with faster UPI payments

Blaze checkout automatically fetches the UPI apps on mobile and completes a transaction in one click. QR code-based checkout removes the hassle of remembering and entering a Virtual Payment Address on web.

Amazingly Fast Repeat Purchases, Across Blaze Network

Prefilled features for repeat users to reduce the number of steps that takes users from product discovery to successful orders in just 3 steps.


The Impact

With Blaze integrated checkout and RTO insurance, Native Tongue’s order volumes on the website increased manifold. Earlier, only a portion of orders originated through their website. 


"After introducing Blaze checkout as a payment option for our customers, we saw an overall increase in GMV by 21% in just a month. We also noticed an unbelievable 70% reduction in checkout time. Here's a huge shout-out to the entire team at Bureau. I am supremely excited to see what the team will come up with next. Native Tongue is already in for that too," Rohan, the founder of Native Tongue, concluded.


Experience Blaze Checkout and RTO Insurance.

Bureau Shopping Guarantee is hell-bent on increasing top-line from day 1 for our partner D2C brands. Talk to us if you’d like to experience fast checkout and RTO insurance for your brand. 

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