No-code Identity Decisioning Platform

A single no-code Identity and Risk orchestration platform for all your decisions from onboarding, to KYC, compliance and fraud management.

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Orchestrate real time approvals, accelerated conversions and beat fraud.

Attributes available

Customize the way you see your customers

Choose from 100's of pre-integrated attributes to build powerful workflows for identity verification and fraud detection.

Prevent fraud from day one

Pre-defined templates for banking, insurance, fintech, crypto, gaming, and e-commerce enable automated, real-time risk decisions.

Streamline compliance

Reduce manual reviews by 90%. Focus only on cases that require human attention.

Forget vendor sprawl

Bureau Platform takes care of all your identity management, risk prevention and compliance needs. A single API is all it takes to connect to thousands of data signals.

See your customers in a new light.



Create custom workflows for everything from onboarding, KYC, AML to transaction monitoring. Select from hundreds of input sources for phone , email, official databases, devices, behaviour, third-party data and more.

Custom rules

Set up custom rules to automate your approve or decline decisions. Assess risk at every point in the user journey.


Case management

One simple dashboard gives oversight to teams from risk to customer support - allowing collaboration from everything including case review, insight generation and compliance management.


Review easy to understand reports that supply a clear audit trail and actionable data points to improve your workflows and rules for enhanced fraud detection, accelerated conversion and better real-time decisions.


See the full spectrum of Prism’s capabilities.

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Bureau's well-built API documentation and seamless guidance during onboarding helped us a lot. The range of capabilities gave us the freedom to choose the best possible solution that fits our needs rather than building our product flows according to the solutions available. Also, Bureau is a true partner in every true sense - ready to innovate together to build solutions that solve & scale.
Vishwajeet Pureti, Pencilton
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"Senior citizens are the most vulnerable when it comes to OTP frauds. Due to their cognitive decline, remembering passwords is a huge pain. Bureau has helped us resolve these critical problems for our customers at Khyaal. We believe this will not only improve the onboarding and checkout experience for our customers but also reduces the risk of fraud in the future."
Hemanshu Jain, Khyaal
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"Our partnership with Bureau has been fantastic. Our behavioral data acquisition, combined with Bureau's persona intelligence and identity verification, helps the best teams in the world safeguard and accelerate their entire customer journey. There's quite an in-depth amount of resources that Bureau brings to truly unlock growth on top of risk management and fraud prevention."
Andrei Savu, Moonsense
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"Using Bureau's solution, we identified 20% more fake applications. We caught mismatched identities at the onboarding stage using Phone and Email Intelligence, resulting in cost savings, faster conversions, and cleaner audits. To date, more than 30% of our users have reaped the benefits of better, simpler, and more secure user onboarding."
Vineet Amin, Aditya Biral Capital
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