Bureau Device Intelligence & Behavioural Biometrics

Passive (but Powerful) Real-time Detection.
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Discover the Difference:
Device Intelligence + Behavioural Biometrics

Bureau Device Intelligence & Behavioural Biometrics

Ready to amp up your legitimate user pass-through rates?

All our risk checks are 100% passive (and powerful). So new good consumers breeze right in but fraudsters can’t slip by.

Frustrated by consumers’ accounts being compromised?

We use modern device fingerprinting and detection methods to suss out geolocation, emulators, active remote software apps and rooting.

Want to stop bad actors’ promo abuse, for good?

We use device fingerprinting, geolocation, IP and network information to stop promo abuse.

3X Reduction
in False Positives

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3X More Fraud
Attacks Stopped

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Stop attacks at any point along
the digital consumer journey, fast and permanently.
With Bureau Device Intelligence, you’ll know which identities are trustworthy and which are bots, fraud rings, and bad actors. 

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Device Intelligence + Behavioral Biometrics

200+ Signals
Unique Fingerprint
Device Risk Score

Unique User Behavior Signatures
Device Motion Signals
User Device Interaction
Environmental Parameters

Identify and prevent fraudulent activity accurately and immediately.

Bureau Device Intelligence goes beyond advanced algorithms and machine learning solutions. It analyzes over 200 device attributes, including device type and location.

Plus it combines behavioral patterns like how users hold the phone, typing pressure or scroll
or toggle patterns between fields, and more.


iOS | Android | Web


Integrated with Bureau’s platform & workflows

Can be used in combination with IDV/Alt data


Device Fingerprint

Device Integrity

Network Intelligence

Proxy Detection

Application Anomaly Detection

Geolocation Data & Mock GPS Detection

Fraud Scoring

When you know which identities to trust completely, you’ll grow confidently. 

There’s a new way forward. 

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