All-in-one     solution to remove risk and block      fraud      concurrently.

Spot abuse, monitor transactions, and rely on seamless identity verification - without any heavy lifting.
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Utilize real-time insights, instant logins, and risk profiling to secure and streamline from start to finish.

Fast track users

Use our data to reward good users with friction-free experiences. Manage risky users with additional checks and security.

Automate compliance
Make compliance checks easier without ever compromising security.
Identify fraud rings
Uncover sophisticated fraud rings and coordinated attacks.
Prevent abuse
Halt collusion, stop promo cheaters, and prevent agents from unfairly gaining commissions.

Quickly spot account and policy abuse.

Detect suspicious activity by recognizing anomalies in identity, account activity, devices, behavior, and transaction patterns.
Anti money laundering
Monitor suspicious activity, detect and prevent movement of illicit funds.
Vishing and phishing
Block fraudsters from using spam calls and messages to steal your customers' personal info.
Account and device takeover
Stop unauthorized transactions and the illegal access of customers’ accounts and devices.
Suspicious accounts
Maintain and update a list of suspicious identities and devices to block further incursions.

Seamlessly monitor transactions.

Accept or decline transactions in real time to maximize revenue and prevent losses from fraud.
Lightning fast checkout
Facilitate more transactions with a frictionless checkout experience.
Return to Origin (RTO) risks
Utilize real time intelligence to minimize RTO losses and boost conversions.
Unauthorized chargebacks
Instantly evaluate risk; and approve or decline transactions to eliminate chargeback fraud.
Smart CoD
Access dynamic and real-time intelligence for decisions on Cash On Delivery (CoD).
We, and our customers alike, are loving the experience with Blaze checkout. In a very short period, there is steep growth in GMV owing to a 14% increase in conversion rates. Blaze now powers around 50% of all orders. This is a testament to our customers preferring the new lean and slick buying flow. Also, RTO intelligence and guarantee have been a cherry on the cake. We can see the early signs of reduction in RTOs.
Drishti Singhal, EIR, Perfora
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“After introducing Blaze checkout as a payment option for our customers, we saw an overall jump in GMV by 21% just in a month. We also noticed an unbelievable 70% reduction in checkout time.”
Rohan Sonalkar, Founder Native Tongue
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