Enformion LLC and Bureau.ID Forge Strategic Alliance

Enformion LLC and Bureau.ID Forge Strategic Alliance

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Maruthi Kumar
Maruthi Kumar

Maruthi Kumar
Maruthi Kumar

March 6, 2024

Enformion LLC and Bureau.ID announce the establishment of a groundbreaking strategic partnership poised to revolutionize the landscape of identity and risk management. This collaboration leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver precise entity resolution and seamless orchestration, providing businesses with unparalleled solutions for secure customer onboarding, fraud prevention, and compliance. 

Having already united forces to deliver age-verification solutions across the alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis sectors, Enformion and Bureau.ID have processed hundreds of thousands of identities monthly, setting a precedent for excellence in the industry. The partnership introduces a configurable, use-case specific workflow solution, that enables real-time risk decisions catering to the dynamic needs of businesses that prioritize adaptable solutions. The combined offering empowers organizations to choose from multiple options, including document verification, behavioral biometrics, device intelligence, and database checks for Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), New to Credit, and multiple fraud prevention use-cases such as, synthetic ID fraud, bot detection, account takeover, amongst others. 

Combining Enformion's advanced analytics and expansive data assets, covering 98% of the U.S. population, with Bureau.ID's proprietary orchestration platform, enabled via simple APIs, robust SDKs, and security (SOC 2), the partnership provides endless workflow options for secure customer onboarding, account servicing, and protection against malicious actors.

“Our partnership with Bureau solidifies an offering of a highly configurable workflow for organizations to unlock a trove of solutions, starting with age assurance” said Amber Higgins, CEO of Enformion.  “The collaboration redefines the ID verification processes across industries, providing businesses with a seamless and reliable framework to ensure regulatory compliance and build trust with their customers.”

Bureau.ID CEO and Founder, Ranjan Reddy, stated, "Our focus on security, and efficiency underscores every aspect of our operations, ensuring our customers can make risk decisions with confidence. By integrating with Enformion's leading identity data and analytics prowess, U.S. companies now have access to unparalleled protection against malicious actors."

The partnership also empowers organizations by integrating Enformion’s capabilities, featuring analytically derived match scores, advanced phone verification API, knowledge-based authentication, consumer-to-business connectivity, and flexible integrations, with Bureau.ID’s innovative orchestration to enable tailored strategies and workflows with UI customization. In today’s dynamic digital landscape, businesses frequently grapple with integrating multiple vendors for their identity verification and fraud prevention needs. With this new offering, organizations can choose from multiple options on a single platform, including document verification, behavioral biometrics, device intelligence, and database checks for fraud prevention and compliance use-cases.

About Enformion

Enformion is a powerful analytics solution provider, offering an unparalleled view of people, businesses, and their interrelationships. 30+ years in the data technology industry has resulted in a database of 120 billion up-to-date records for more than 240 million American adults, including hard-to-verify populations, from 6000+ data sources. Enformion provides solutions for a variety of markets including financial services, identity verification, eCommerce and marketplaces, collections and investigations, and government. For more information about our customized solutions, visit https://www.enformion.com/ or call (855) 281-3915. 

  About Bureau

Bureau helps protect, and accelerate digital customer journeys against fraud. It’s no-code platform enables real-time risk intelligence for compliance, fraud, and security use-cases in over 100+ markets globally.

Bureau is a no-code, identity decisioning platform that protects digital customer journeys against fraud globally. It offers businesses the complete range of risk, compliance and ongoing fraud monitoring solutions innovated with AI. Using next-generation orchestration, Bureau provides businesses real-time, contextualized risk insights for compliance, fraud, and security purposes enabling digital trust. 

Bureau is backed by leading global investors, including: Quona Capital, XYZ Ventures, Blume Ventures, Village Global, Okta, Commerce Ventures, GMO Venture Partners, and Emphasis Ventures.

Visit Bureau at https://www.bureau.id/

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